Who We Are

About Us

One True Voice (OTV) was founded in 2010 by Somali women to support Somali girls and women. We help Somali women of all ages to understand, cope with and resolve the challenges they face in British and Somali society.

We are based in Islington, London. Our work is primarily in the UK but we also have links to Somalia. There are about 100,000 Somali women living in the UK, of whom about 80,000 live in London.

Many Somali girls and women in the UK suffer from the disadvantages of poor education, lack of employment prospects, discrimination and oppression by men. OTV provides training, counselling and advocacy for girls and women, with the aim of making them more self-confident and capable of better integration into society.

We have a particular focus on health and education issues and strongly oppose female genital mutilation (FGM).

Our Approach

We offer personal counselling and support. We do not dictate solutions. We assist the users of OTV’s services to arrive at their own decisions in their own time.

As Somali women ourselves, we understand the difficulties that Somali girls and women face. We offer practical, culturally-sensitive advice.

We provide support and guidance for both individuals and groups.

Our Activities

We operate from small premises in Islington, London, in the heart of the Somali community.  We run daily drop-in sessions which are open to all.  Our other activities include:

  • Sexual health classes
  • Information sessions about combatting FGM (which is against the law in the UK)
  • Support with interpreting and language tuition
  • A weekly Job Club
  • One-to-one and general counselling sessions
  • Supported visits to GPs, schools and colleges
  • Coffee mornings
  • Monthly get-togethers