Our Work

One True Voice activities aim to provide a safe haven for Somali women in the community through counseling support, mentorship, education, and social events.

Health and Wellness

We are focused on improving the health and wellness of Somali girls and women. We support visits to GPs and also organise sexual health classes. In addition we run one-to-one and general counselling sessions.

One particular goal is to change the attitude and behaviour of the community towards female genital mutilation (FGM), a practice we vehemently oppose. FGM is an abuse of human rights, endangers women’s health, puts at risk women’s fertility, and suppresses womankind. To increase awareness of female genital mutilation within the community we run a number of information sessions about FGM and ways to combat it.

Education and Employment

Many Somali girls and women in the UK suffer from poor education and a lack of employment prospects. We are trying to combat this. OTV offers supported school visits, language tuition, a weekly Job Club and information about combatting FGM. We are also looking to increase the range of IT clubs and parenting classes offered.


OTV understands the varied and complex challenges Somali women and girls face in the UK. We provide a safe and supportive environment to discuss your difficulties, offer support and guidance. Our coffee mornings, monthly get-togethers and events including International Women’s Day, provide a unique opportunity to engage with others and share experiences.

Youth Mentorship

We are especially concerned about promoting education of Somali women.  Our year-long youth mentorship programme brought together over 60 girls ages 11 to 18 to engage in activities focussed on drug and violence prevention. We are looking to increase the range of advice sessions we offer to include student mentoring, youth projects, IT clubs, parenting classes and language courses.

Legal Advocacy

We provide support and guidance for individuals and groups.  We support women and families in interacting with government agencies and seeking out affordable aid in legal disputes.  We do not provide legal advice, but we support our community in accessing the help that they need.